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Load Bank Testing

Ensure Reliability and Performance


The performance and reliability of your standby power systems are critical during emergency situations or anytime your power goes out. Generator Services offers both in house and on-site load bank testing to verify your generators ability to perform at its maximum output under a full load.

Our load bank services include:

  • Connecting the generator/transfer switch & load bank

  • Checking fluid levels & adding if necessary

  • Running the generator at temperature, recording outputs

  • Monitor controls & adjusting RPM & voltage as needed

  • Log test results & provide a complete customer report


Generator Services has the ability to load test diesel, natural gas and Bi-Fuel Generators up to 2.5 Megawatts.


Turnkey Total Solutions for Short-term and Long-term Power Needs


Customized Generator Packaging Solutions for Your Specific Needs


Factory Trained Technicians Dispatched to Your Location



All Services Backed by our 24/7 Access and Commitment to Your Success

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