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Generator Sales and Packaging

One Generator Size Does Not Fit All.

We specialize in new and used generator sales, custom-fitting your generator and engine project, tailoring it to your specific and unique needs.


With our in-house engineering, fabrication and production teams, we guarantee our work giving you peace of mind long after our your project has been installed and commissioned. 

We sell: Generac, Hipower, Waukesha, Janan, PowerTech, Cummins, Onan, Allmand, Gillette, UQ Power, Kubota, Kwiet Power and more.

We’ve spent decades designing and building custom diesel, Bi-Fuel and natural gas fueled generators and engines that provide you the right amount of power, when and where you need it. It's what we do best.

Our engineering team will help by assessing your goals and asking the right questions. Our goal is to design your power needs through most appropriate power solution. We work with many of the largest generator manufacturers. Whether it's a temporary power project, emergency back up generator, or prime power generator, we will custom-fit your solution with expertise and integrity.

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Let's Customize Your Generator Package


Sound Attenuation and Acoustics. Weather Projection. 


Integrated Controls with Automatic Transfer and Site SCADA Systems. Remote Monitoring.


Customized Voltage and Connection Options. 


Custom Mobile Solutions for Any Application.

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