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6 Indicators That You Need to Service Your Standby Generator

When the power goes out, you want your generator to do its one and only job - to power your site. Ideally you are getting your backup/standby generator serviced twice a year to make sure it's ready. But in between, here are

6 Indicators That You Need To Service Your Generator!

Obviously, there are reasons like: "It wont turn on!" or "No one can even remember when it was last serviced."

But here are additional indicators (from more obvious to less obvious) that it's time to get your back up/standby generator serviced by professionals.

1. A lot of smoke when running

2. Odd noises while operating

3. Excessive fuel vapors and/or funny smells

And a few "less obvious" indicators:

4. Running at improper voltage - Your generator is specced for a voltage that matches your electrical connection. When running, ensure your generator's volt gauge matches your electrical connection voltage. If it doesn't, there's a problem.

Volt Meter on Generator
Volts (when running) should match your electrical connection

5. Not Running at 60 Hertz - in the United States, generators are generally standardized to run at 60Hz. If your hertz gauge shows less, it means your engine isn't running optimally and requires servicing.

Hertz Meter on Generator
US Standard: 60Hz

6. Diesel Gas Storage Issues - Diesel fuel tanks are prone to issues. Check your tank for leaks, algae, and excessive condensation that can affect your generator's sustained performance.

Your team should be exercising your standby generator at least once a month. If any of the indicators above are happening, it's your generator telling you it's not happy and healthy. Save yourself for the pain of a failed solution during a power outage and let our team ensure your generator is ready to run when its called upon.



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