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How to Size a Mobile Generator for Your Event

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Power is likely the most important component to your outside event's success. Music, mics, audio-visual, lighting... all of it depends on a reliable power source. We serve our customers with temporary generator power for events large and small.

But how do you know what size generator you need for your event? It seems daunting but it's just a little math calculation. Don't worry, we can help you with the math!

Here's how you would calculate the size of generator needed for your event assuming it's a fairy simple event and only requires powering simple equipment such as lights, sounds systems, computers, etc. All of this type of equipment can be powered with a single phase generator.

1) Add up the running amps for each piece of equipment you are going to power. Most equipment has a information placard/tag on it that shows is electrical amperage requirement.

For example:

(5) Computers: 15A

(3) Printers 18A

(5) Fans for Cooling: 10A

(1) PA/Sound System: 30A

(2) Projectors: 10A

Add all those up for a total 83A

2) Now add 20% more just to be safe!

Your total: 83 amps x 1.2 (20% more) = 99.6 amps

3) Now we apply a formula to determine total kilowatts required

Your amps (99.6) x voltage (240) = 23,904 watts

To get kilowatts, divide 23,904 watts by 1000 = 23.9 kilowatts (kw)

You need a generator that is rated for at least 23.9 kw.

4) Find the closest generator size that is equal or greater to your kw need. We have generators rated 20kw and 36kw. Because 20kw is too small... the next size up (the 36kw) is the right generator to handle your event!

See ... not too difficult! That said, our team is available to help walk you through this process as we help right size your rental generator.

And just like for the event shown below, our 36kw diesel generator was installed with cable ramps and spider boxes to support the power needs of this special event. It quietly hummed along providing vital power ensuring the success of this event.

Emergency Power Generator

How can we help you with your next event? Our generator range from 25kw to 1200kw. We support events with our towable generators, cable ramps, spider boxes, transfer switches and more. We're your turn-key generator solution.



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